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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Prosecutorial Discretion


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  1. hi i need help// my name is Scott Chandler
    I have a town prosecutor, refused to charge his captains grown son, for assaulting me a disabled adult, because he saw me talking to an elderly disabled adult he had been harrassing. Other ppl relied on this fact and also did harm. When certain police got involved I suffered a second heart attack in relation to the assualt.. this all started as a housing dispute where Fairways in derry put me in an inhabitable apartment then office personal gossiped about my disability to tenants they put in building.. Federal Judge says prosecutor is immune. Same prosecutor prosecuted me for suffering PTSD. after his police tortured me by dragging me to brentwood without a coat that contained my heart meds and pain meds which I am forced to carry because of theft by same ppl that assualted me. I believe these ppl are related. Dale Thomas son of Capt vernon thomas, and John Delehanty 3rd and 4th. gave me a moldy couch then assualted me for not getting the joke..

    If you are interested please notify me as I have to get motion for reconsideration in next friday.. today is thursday 19.
    My number is 603-702-2025 PS recently evicted over this.